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November 20, 2016

We go to the scorecards: Kovalev v Ward

by BOBBY HUNTER (@thefightscore)

Andre Ward's face said it all. The surprised look on his face told its own story, when it was announced that he was the new unified light heavyweight champion of the world. Ward was awarded a unanimous decision as the three American judges put in identical scores of 114-113 or 7-5 in rounds. In the other corner, the now former champion, Sergei Kovalev smiled and shook his head as Ward jumped on the corner post to celebrate with the crowd.

Beforehand many predicted the jab as the key to the fight, as for both this has been a major weapon for them in the past. Kovalev had rocked Ward in the opening round and early on, and his reach was certainly giving the man from Oakland problems.

The second round was the most dramatic round of the fight as a perfectly timed straight right caught Ward flush as he missed with his jab. The 13,310 in attendance gasped as Ward hit the floor for only the second time in his career. The challenger recovered, and actually had a decent third round as he then brought his jab into play keeping his Russian opponent off balance as he chased, landing more big shots.

After six rounds most had Kovalev well ahead, there was no doubt he had started the better but Ward is an elite champion who hasn't lost a boxing match since he was 12 years old. From midway to the last few rounds Ward frustrated Kovalev with his movement. The "Krusher" right hand that was working well early for Kovalev couldn't find the range anymore as Ward mixed his distances well, and increased his body shot output when he was wrestling inside. The scorecards were getting close too, with Ward's trainer Virgil Hunter pleading with fighter that he couldn't give Kovalev anymore rounds after the ninth.

The last three rounds saw the most punches landed combined by both fighters. Kovalev probably took round ten with a 21-16 connect advantage. Ward rallied in the last two rounds as both fighters shared a 13-12 connect advantage. Ward, though, was the one with his hand raised at the end as Kovalev stated that Ward got the decision as the Russian is a "visitor" in the USA


One very big surprising stat about the last six rounds was that on the three judges scorecards Kovalev only won one round out of 18.

On the undercard, Darleys Perez was robbed of victory as his bout with Maurice Hooker for the WBO NABO super lightweight title was scored a draw. The scorecard of Robert Hoyle 97-93 is highly suspicious especially when only last week he had Jamie McDonnell retaining his WBA world bantamweight title with a very wide 117-111 score.

Below is this writer's full scorecard along with 60 media scores for the Kovalev vs Ward bout , as well as round and final punch stats, most common scores for each
fight and the percentage of media who scored for each fighter.

@thefightscore score card

Round 1.... 10-9 Kovalev
Round 2.... 10-8 Kovalev
Round 3.... 9-10 Ward
Round 4.... 10-9 Kovalev
Round 5.... 9-10 Ward
Round 6.... 10-9 Kovalev
Round 7.... 9-10 Ward
Round 8.... 10-9 Kovalev
Round 9.... 10-9 Kovalev
Round 10.. 10-9 Kovalev
Round 11.. 9-10 Ward
Round 12.. 9-10 Ward


Judges Scores : Burt A Clements: 114-113 WARD, Glen Trowbridge: 114-113 WARD, John McKaie: 114-113 WARD.


Kovalev : 474 thrown, 126 landed, 27% connect rate.
Ward: 338 thrown, 116 landed, 34% connect rate.


Kovalev: 7, 16, 4, 9, 7, 9, 7, 10, 11, 21, 12, 13.
Ward.:   5,  3,  5, 7, 8, 8, 11, 11, 17, 16, 13, 12.


44 Scores for KOVALEV = 73%
15 Scores for WARD = 25%
1 Score for a DRAW + 2% 


KOVALEV: 115-112
WARD: 114-113


Shaun Brown (TalkingBoxing.uk): 115-112 Kovalev
Harold Lederman (HBO): 116-111 Kovalev
Chris Mannix (Yahoo Sports): 115-112 Kovalev
Boxhard Podcast: 115-113 Kovalev
Dan Rafael (ESPN): 115-112 Kovalev
Andy Paterson (Boxing Asylum): 114-113 Kovalev
Cliff Rold (Boxingscene): 115-112 Kovalev
Daniel Vano (Checkhookboxing): 114-113 Kovalev
WorldBoxingNews: 114-113 Ward
Lance Pugmire (LA Times): 115-112 Kovalev
Ryan Burton (Boxingscene): 115-113 Kovalev
Kevin Iole (Yahoo Sports): 114-113 Ward
Daniel Attias (AUSboxing) : 114-113 Kovalev
Victor M Salazar (Boxingscene): 115-112 Kovalev
Scott Christ (BadLeftHook): 115-112 Kovalev
Wolfgang Schiffbauer (German Freelancer): 114-113 Ward
Beau Denison (The Boxing Truth): 114-113 Kovalev
Ramon Aranda (3MoreRounds): 114-113 Ward
Brian Campbell (ESPN): 114-113 Ward
Gareth A Davies (The Telegraph): 115-112 Kovalev
Boxing Monthly Online: 114-113 Kovalev
Kevin McRae (Bleacher Report): 115-112 Kovalev
Steve Zemach ( FoxSports640): 115-112 Kovalev
Bernardo Osuna (ESPN Deportes): 115-113 Kovalev
Mark Ortega (Freelance): 115-112 Ward
Michael Montero (Montero On Boxing): 116-111 Kovalev
Mike Coppinger (USA Today): 114-113 Ward
Ben Weismann (BoxingAsylum): 114-113 Kovalev
Tom Craze (BadLeftHook): 116-111 Ward
Danny Richardson (Script Media): 115-112 Ward
Jorge Hernandez (SW Fight): 115-112 Kovalev
Tim Starks (Queensberry Rules): 115-112 Kovalev
The Guardian Online: 115-112 Kovalev
New York Post Online: 114-113 Ward
G. Leon (Boxtalk): 114-113 Kovalev
Tim Dahlberg (AP): 116-111 Kovalev
Fraser Coffeen (Bloody Elbow): 115-112 Kovalev
Steve Kim (UCN Live): 115-112 Kovalev
Bokser.org: 115-112 Kovalev
Bob Velin (USA Today): 114-113 Kovalev
FightersRated: 115-112 Kovalev
LA Times Online: 114-113 Ward
Allan Fox (Boxingnews24): 117-110 Kovalev
Kieran Mulvaney (HBO): 114-113 Kovalev
Ron Borges (Boston Herald): 116-114 Kovalev
Tony Bellew (Sky Sports): 114-114 DRAW
Eric Raskin (HBO): 114-113 Kovalev
Heavy Bag Boxing: 115-112 Kovalev
Andrew Harrison (Boxing Monthly): 117-111 Kovalev
Stephen A Smith (ESPN): 114-113 Kovalev
Paul Smith Jnr (Sky Sports): 116-113 Ward
John Angus MacDonald (Boxing Monthly): 114-113 Kovalev
Adam Abramowitz (Saturday Night Boxing): 115-112 Ward
Mark Butcher (Boxing Monthly): 114-113 Ward
Doug Fischer (Ring Magazine): 117-110 Kovalev
Alex Morris (Next Big Pod): 114-113 Kovalev
Queensberry Rules: 115-112 Kovalev
Danny Winterbottom (Boxing Monthly): 114-113 Kovalev
Tom Gray (Ring Magazine): 116-115 Ward
Sam Sheppard (Next Big Pod): 115-112 Kovalev