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January 24, 2017

McDonnell happy to take Solis rematch

Jamie McDonnell, Liborio Solis

Jamie McDonnell scraped past Liborio Solis to retain his WBA Bantamweight title last year

by Shaun Brown

If Jamie McDonnell decides to stay at bantamweight then he wants to “clear up” the controversy of his win over Liborio Solis last November.

However, his trainer Dave Coldwell told Talking Boxing that Team McDonnell are still weighing up their next move for the WBA World Bantamweight champion.

The controversy relates to the scoring of the McDonnell-Solis fight which took place in Monte Carlo, after an absorbing 12-round contest.

McDonnell retained his belt with a unanimous decision. The three judges gave the champion the nod with scores of 116-112 (Nelson Vazquez), 115-113 (Stanley Christodoulou) and a mind boggling 117-111 from Robert Hoyle.

Coldwell said McDonnell was upset with how people reacted to the decision, and should he stay at 118lbs then Solis is the man he wants.

“It’s kind of like, ‘If I’m staying at bantamweight I want him (Solis). I want to go in there and clear it up.’ So, he's happy and willing and so are we.

“We’re waiting to find out what’s going on with the WBA because they put out the (Rau’shee) Warren fight, then we had our voluntary. Warren (WBA Undisputed Bantamweight champion) has got a voluntary in February so then can we get a fight before we fight Warren, or is Warren next? Solis put an application in to get the rematch. We’re happy with whatever. If the WBA say we have to fight Warren, happy days. If the
WBA say we have to fight Solis, happy days.”

With all that being said there is one eye on a jump up to the super bantamweight division. A move that has been rumoured for quite some time.

“If there’s money at bantamweight for another fight then he’ll stay at bantamweight. At super bantamweight, for me, that’s when you’re going to see the best of him,” said Coldwell.

“He can do bantamweight but it is hard work for him. So, you’re not getting the best out of him. A fighter that’s happy is going to train better, is going to perform better and is going to be able to get the best out of his body. An extra 4lbs on Jamie and I think we’re going to see that.”

McDonnell’s win over Solis, the fifth consecutive defence of his title, keeping him unbeaten in nearly nine years, may have been tainted by poor scoring but the fight itself – a hard, all-action affair was just reward for what the Yorkshireman wanted: A real test, a real opponent as Coldwell explained.

“Jamie, obviously wants the money, but he does also want recognition. Now he’s come to the point where nobody’s going to give him any credit for beating so and so. So, let’s find a real opponent, a proper opponent. We saw Solis, and stylistically we knew it was going to be a good fight because it was going to be someone pressing.

“There’s no good putting Jamie McDonnell, who’s not a banger, against a guy who’s going to run and is on his bike. Then the fight don’t catch fire then people think, ‘Boring Jamie McDonnell, not bother watching him again’. He wanted a fight where he was going to get tested, he wanted a fight where somebody was going to come for it and that’s what we go.

“The problem is, in training, in sparring he was brilliant. Defence was great and everything. And then on fight night he seemed that fraction slower. His reactions seemed that fraction bit off. I’ve said for quite a while the weight is an issue. It’s hard work for him to make the weight. End of day he's not one of these marquee fighters. Yeah, he’s been given great opportunities from (promoter) Eddie [Hearn] and Matchroom, but he’s not one of them marquee fighters so he’s got to take whatever opportunity he can get."