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December 10, 2016

Burton hopes the 'Hammer' is the equaliser

Hosea Burton

Hosea Burton says after he's beat Frank Buglioni he doesn't think his rival will continue boxing.

by Shaun Brown 

Hosea ‘The Hammer’ Burton is aiming to prove that the past means nothing when he fights the ‘Wise Guy’ Frank Buglioni tonight in Manchester.

Burton, the British light heavyweight champion, will be making the first defence of the title he won in February against Miles Shinkwin.

For Buglioni, it will be his first attempt at trying to win a Lonsdale belt but the former WBA super middleweight title challenger does hold a victory over Burton from 2010 in Dagenham.

“It was a GB box-off, more or less an Olympic qualifier. It was when the London Olympics were coming on and there was me, Buglioni and [Anthony] Ogogo,” recalled Burton (18-0, 9 KOs) when he spoke to Talking Boxing.

“It was the very last time I made 75 kilos. I failed against Ogogo in the ABA final at 75 and said, ‘That’s it. I’ll never make 75 ever again’ because I was so disappointed in myself losing to Ogogo. Even though he’s a top-class lad, I knew I could beat him. So, when I lost to him I said, ‘It’s the weight. I’ve been at the weight three years now. I’ve outgrown the weight.’

“I decided to have a break but as that break came, I was six weeks into the break never done no training, and then they said in two weeks you can fight Frank Buglioni at 75 kilos for a GB box-off. If you win that you box Ogogo, and you go to the Olympics if you beat Ogogo. I said, ‘I can definitely beat them two, I know I can. If I just box how I can box, I know I can beat the two of them.’ It was the wrong move because I got beat off the worst one. Buglioni was the worst of the two. I was so disappointed.”

Burton’s disappointment was given a further knock when his younger brother Zac stopped speaking to him for a fortnight because of the defeat!

“He was so disgusted in me,” Hosea said.

“He [Buglioni] was someone we kept an eye on, and we always talk amongst ourselves saying, ‘I’d like to fight him’. And when it came about he actually beat me, which he can’t do now.

“He got a decision over me which he won fair and square, but the thing was he had a personal nutritionist and personal trainer. I never had nothing. I thought the way of making weight was not eating! He beat me on my very worst day. Anybody good that day would’ve stopped me because I never ate for two full days trying to make 75 kilos. Anybody good that night would’ve stopped me. We had a hard fight and at the end of it he was a nice lad, but anyone can be a nice winner when they win. When they lose they turn bitter. Let’s see if he’s a nice lad or a bitter lad at the end of this fight.”

Burton goes into this fight as a heavy favourite (3/10 at time of writing) but some people view this as a 50-50 contest. The champion understands why that opinion exists, but Burton believes he’s a level above the challenger and told TB that he doesn’t think Buglioni (18-2-1, 14 KOs) will continue boxing if he does lose.

“He’s had his chance at super middle and he’s been beat, and he’s going to have his chance at light heavyweight and he’ll be beat again. So, what’s really left in boxing for him? He can’t buy titles. He bought a world title shot and he never succeeded, and now they’re trying to buy a shot at the British title and they’ve succeeded. They’ve bought him a chance but they’re not going to buy him the belt because he ain’t going to beat me.”

Burton is certainly keen to even the score of this long-time rivalry, and do it in style as he predicted that Buglioni won’t hear the final bell, just like the champion’s last four opponents.

“I’ll stop him,” Burton vowed.

“He’s a bit easy to hit, and when he gets hit he can’t hold it anyway. He got knocked out by a middleweight (Khomitsky). Frank couldn’t hold his power, because Frank is not a big enough man.

“If he comes for a fight he’ll get knocked out early. If he chooses to try to box me he’ll get knocked out whenever he chooses to plant his feet.”

Should he beat Buglioni, the aim for Burton is to win the Lonsdale belt outright. Something that feels like a dying achievement in boxing nowadays. Burton is also aiming to prove something to those that are not convinced by him.

“Once I fight Buglioni people will say, ‘Burton can fight, he’s not a bad lad’. At the minute, they’re still not 100 per cent sold on me, but when I give it to Buglioni then I’ll have sold myself to them.”